Mom, We've Come Back Home!

2010-05-12 12:23:15      Web Editor: Sun Yang

Members of the delegation of Chinese CEOs visiting the Shanghai Expo pose for a photo in Shanghai on May 11, 2010. [Photo: Yang]

By Yang Yang

A group of overseas Chinese has started a tour of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo under the "Eastern Crown" in the Expo site. The visitors come from various countries all over the world, including America, Canada and Spain. The American delegation is composed of 107 people from all walks of life and is one of the largest groups returning home for the Shanghai Expo.

Richard Lee, chairman of the delegation of 100 Chinese-American CEOs visiting the Shanghai Expo, said the Chinese government has provided a very good opportunity for overseas Chinese to learn more about their motherland by organizing this event, called "Overseas Chinese Come Back Home for the Expo."

"All the members of our delegation are very excited about attending this event since it is another spectacular event held by China after the 2008 Olympic Games. We are very proud of it."

Having left China for the United States nearly 30 years ago, Richard has witnessed every bit of China's development. He remembers that nearly 20 years ago, only English, French, Spanish and Japanese were used in Disneyland. There were no Chinese signs or information at the park since China was not very strong at that time.

But now it is not hard to find Chinese signs in public areas all over the world. The slight change reflects the improvement of China's position in the world arena.

Esther Wee, senior vice president and manager of Cathay Bank in the United States, shares that feeling. Working in the financial sector, Esther Wee felt the strong impact of the financial crisis, but thanks to China's 4-trillion-yuan ($587 billion) stimulus package, the world has overcome some of the difficulty.

"We should really thank China for its action on securing the market, which gave us great confidence. When countries all over the world have problems, only China does this. This helps us become better and better. We have seen a lot of achievements during this trip and feel very proud of our country."

Esther Wee said the China Pavilion impressed her most, and each provincial exhibition hall also has its own special qualities. She says the organization and arrangement of the Shanghai Expo has been very smooth and she is very happy to come back home to celebrate this significant event.