March 16, 2012   Summary of Social Networking Training Class


Dear CEO members:


I’d like to update you for Social Networking Training Class since it is the first activity in our newly released 2012 CEO Calendar. 


Yesterday’s lecture was given by Sahar Andrade. It is specially designed for business owners who want to explore business interests and activities online and want to update knowledge of know-how.  The key question is: what can social networking do for my business?   Meanwhile, many young employees and even business owner’s kids have largely involved into social networking communications.  It requires business owners to closely follow up and catch the trends.


The class went through most influential networks engines such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Flickr, BuzzNet, YouTube, and many others. It addressed several major issues as following:


·         What is the privacy concern?


·         What are the differences of those social networking engines?


·         How to start and select one for your business social networking purpose of expanding market presence and reach new customers?


·         CMR is important for business management in the follow-up and tracking the business from contacts coming in from social networking and online marketing.  


·         What is the opportunity for business owners there and why?


A 2011 Citibank survey revealed that “use of social media increased significantly over the last year, with 36% of small business owners saying they use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to market their business, compared to just 19% a year ago.”  That is almost a 100% jump in social media usage from 2010 to 2011. 


It was a 3-hours class.  It is free to CEO members. 


Our next topic is “Online Communication”.  It is scheduled on 3/29 (Thursday) at University of the West.  Please make your reservation first.


Have a good weekend!

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