March 14, 2012


Dear CEO Members:


We have made several aggressive progresses recently.  First of all, I am very happy to release the attached “Chinese CEO 2012 Monthly Plan” to you.  As you may see, there is at least one activity in a month.  Some may have more than two.  It looks very colorful and I believe it will be greatly beneficial to CEO members.  


Second, our CEO e-Letter shall be in place soon. This is another good way to enhance our connections with members.  Gene Chang is named as Chief Editor. Let’s give Gene applause to expedite our e-letter publication.


Third, CEO Membership Committee is also working very diligent to recruit more qualified fresh members.  In order to upgrade Chinese CEO Organization, we are about to release our new criteria for member recruiting.   And we will add a special section in e-Letter to introduce our newly recruited members.


In short, with all the efforts made by the Board of Directors, I am certain that we are at the right track and direction to march on!


Please save the Monthly Plan for your future reference.  Your participation and support is so crucial to the success of 2012 CEO plan. Please join our planed events the more the better. 


Last but most important, we have reserved space for each of you in our Monthly Plan.  The attached Calendar is tentative.  If you have any interesting topics that may be suitable to CEO Organization, please feel free to share with us.  We’d love to add it into our monthly plan.  And you could be the Month of CEO members to be in charge after approval by the Board of Directors.


Let’s work together to move our CEO Organization forward to next level!



Best regards,


Cheng Lu



Chinese CEO Organization

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La Mirada, CA  90638

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