Ladies and Gentlemen:


The 16th Jiangsu International Agriexpo (Agriexpo 2014) is scheduled from the 26th to the 28th of September, 2014 in Yancheng Municipality, Jiangsu, China.


As a showcase for the latest progress in agricultural modernization, the refreshed outlook of rural development, the updated facilities for agricultural investment, and the new image of agricultural enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the up-coming exposition will focus on cooperation on agricultural investment and trade, providing all-round coupling services by way of exhibition and sales, project promotion and technological cooperation, business trip and business talk, and academic discussion and policy consultation for the benefit of all attendees at home and abroad.


Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government hereby extends sincere welcome for the representatives from government bodies, renowned multinationals, investors, traders, organizations of economic cooperation, and intermediary service providers at home and abroad to join hands on the Agriexpo 2014, with hope and promise for fruitful exchange and collaboration.


Sincerely yours,



Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government

March, 2014

The 16th Agriexpo (2014) in Brief


1. Dates: 

September 26-28, 2014


2. Venue: 

Yancheng Municipality, Jiangsu, China


3. Host:

Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government


4. Co-organizers:

Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Agriculture

Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Jiangsu Sub-Council

Yancheng Municipal People’s Government 


5. Co-supporters: 

19 provincial departments and 12 municipal governments

6. Theme

Agricultural investment and trade cooperation


7. Agenda

Sep 22-24: Exhibit installation and decoration

Sep 25: Check-in and registration

Sep 26-28: Exhibition and related activities


8. Main Activities

Shows and Sales: The Agriexpo will allocate a show area (including Modern Agriculture Section, Investment Promotional Section and Overseas Section) and a sales area. The show area will display the latest agricultural achievements, new agro-products, seeds and seedlings, species and breeds, agricultural equipment and technology, as well as projects and facilities for investment and trade. The sales area will host sellers of new and specialized products. Over 600 standard booths will be available.

Investment and Trade Promotion: The activities, such as briefing on project and investment facilities, business discussion, and contract-signing ceremonies, will be organized as requested.

Trade and Technology Promotion: Activities such as promotion of new technology, new managerial system, new service and new product; press conference, demonstration, trade talk, technology transfer and scientific education, will be organized as requested.

Symposium: Workshops will be held on such topics as agricultural science and technology innovation, quality and safety of agricultural products, new type agricultural operators, financial support for agriculture, rural development , increase of farmers ' income and etc..

Business Trips: The fact-finding tours of agricultural production base,   processors and agri-tourism industry will be organized for investors with special interests. 


9. Guest Services: The information on the Agriexpo 2014 will be publicized through CCTV, JSTV, Jiangsu People’s Broadcast Station, Internet (www.jsagriexpo.com) and some oversea media. The registered investors and guests will be provided with free food, accommodation and intra-city transport between the Exposition Center and the hotels during the 16th Agriexpo.


For more information and on-line registry, please check at http://www. jsagriexpo.com

Form of Registry








Company Name




Company Address










Company Introduction in Brief


What’s your interest?

exhibitor  investment trade& cooperation

technology cooperation  promotion   other     

Intended cooperative ideal


Number of booths required

Standard Booth  Exhibit Booth  Sale Booth 

Blank place   Indoor blank place:    Square meter

Installation requirement


Arrival & Departure


Instruction for Exhibition

A rent of 4000 RMB Yuan or 600 US dollars per standard booth (including 3m×3m booth with door lintel, 3-side boarding, carpets, one desk, two chairs, two lights, a 5-amp and 220-volt AC outlet). Special decoration will be subject to extra charges. 300 Yuan or 40 US dollars shall be charged as a rent for every square meter of floor space. A down payment of 1000 Yuan or 150 US dollars per booth shall be sent to the organizer at the same time as the application for admission. The remaining unpaid amount shall be made before September 10th; otherwise the booth reservation will be cancelled. Exhibitor will be notified by a confirmation letter from organizer for booth reservation after full payment is received.

Bank Account for remittance

Name of BankShanxi Road Branch, Bank of China, Nanjing

Account No.530058191410

PayeéJiangsu Association for International Agricultural Exchanges

Bank Address57 Shanxi Road, Nanjing, China

Please contact Mr. Wu Guolin, from JSOF, for international transportation affairs. Tel0086-25-52851767Fax0086-25-52851783Emailwugl@jcof.com

Please submit this form to Jiangsu Overseas Exchange Association prior to Sep.1st, 2014 by mail, fax or email.


Jiangsu Overseas Exchange Association

Address: 2-1 West Beijing Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China 210008

Tel: 0086-25-89638838 Fax: 89638831 Mobile: 13809009962 Ms. Li Hong

Email: jsqbhxh@163.com


The 15th Agriexpo in Brief

The 15th Jiangsu International Agriexpo (Agriexpo 2013) was held from Sep 27 to Sep 29, 2013 in Yancheng Municipality, Jiangsu Province, China. It attracted over 500 foreign guests from 47 countries and regions. More than 10,000 professionals and 120,000 attendees participated in the event. During the agriexpo, a total of more than 1200 agricultural enterprises set up 715 booths, of which about 93 booths were set up by overseas exhibitors. 222 agricultural projects were promoted for cooperation, and the sale of agro-products on the spot stood nearly 15 million RMB Yuan. 133 contracts were signed for agricultural projects with contracted foreign investment of 1.66 billion USD. 64 foreign orders and supply agreements were signed with a total trade volume of 440 million USD for agro-products. 25 contracts were signed for technology cooperation projects with contracted investment of 80million USD.