Amsino Contributes to China Earthquake Relief Efforts
(Amsino News Release on Aid to China Earthquake Relief efforts)

Shanghai, China, May 26th, 2008
The May 12th Sichuan Earthquake hascaused tremendous casualties
and significant loss of properties. To aid the earthquake relief
efforts in the earthquake-hit areas,Amsino Medical Group has taken the
following actions:

On May 12th, Dr. Richard Lee, Amsino¡¯s CEO issued a call for volunteer
donations among Amsino¡¯s US Headquarters, Asia Pacific Headquarters,
and the three manufacturing plants. The US Headquarters has collected
US$2,015, the Shanghai Headquarters RMB20,940, the Songjiang Plant
RMB8,963, the Kunshan Plant RMB4,000, and Shanghai Amsino Medical
Devices Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Amsino Medical Group, donated
RMB38,000 to the People¡¯s Municipal Government of Jianding District,

Up till now, Amsino Medical Group has donated a total of RMB120,000
to the earthquake-hit areas, including RMB 82,000 to Shanghai Red Cross,
and RMB 38,000 to the People¡¯s Municipal Government of Jianding District,

Dr. Richard Lee, Chairman and CEO of Amsino Medical Group, has authorized
a total donation in kind of up to RMB 1 million. The US Headquarters is
working with Direct Relief International in specifying urgently needed
supplies. The Shanghai Headquarters has contacted China Red Cross, China
Charity Federation and related government health agencies to make a
detailed contribution-in-kind plan.

"In the face of the terrible tragedy, we should all be proud of how our
company and our employees are contributing to those in need", said
Dr. Richard Lee, CEO of Amsino Medical Group, "Our donations in kind
and in cash demonstrate our commitment to humanitarian aid, and hopefully
will help restore health and wellness to these devastated areas in China

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developer and manufacturer of disposable medical devices dedicated to
advancing healthcare worldwide by developing, manufacturing, and marketing
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