Anpro, Inc.

President, Anpro, Inc.

Ning He

Graduated from Foreign Trade Dept. of Anhui University in 1984, then served
at Anhui Animal By-Products Import & Export Corporation as salesman. In 1987,
he was assigned to work in New York and New Jersey area by Anhui Animal
By-Products I/E Corp. He returned to China at the same year and served as
Down Products Dept. Manager.
In 1989, he left China and set up Anpro Inc. The major business is to import
and distribute down comforters, pillows and beds, and comforter covers,
pillowcase, bed covers and bed skirts.
Now Anpro, Inc. a lot of customers all over the United States. Ning He also
set up a retail shop in Los Angeles in 1999.
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