Sino-US Business Exchange & Research Center

President of Sino-US Business Exchange & Research

Abraham Hu


綜合性實體公司。每年接待包括中國部長級在內的數百人次的大陸團組的 訪美考察和專業培訓。在不斷第改革和完善的過程中,公司已形成了一整

Mr. Weimin Hu originally from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.
In 1990, he went to Wisconsinn Mandison and studied for his MBA.
In the same year he joined the organization called TLI Investors
Group which consists of Chinese students and scholars. By the
end of 1992 he moved to L.A. and established the Sino-US Business
Exchange and Research Center, Inc., which focused on Hotel Business
and International Trade as well as US and China Science and Technology
Exchange. After a few years of hard work his company has expanded and
incorporated a more qualified staff. Now the company has owned a
four-star hotel, copper mines in Chile, and has become a very
versatile, stable and successful company. Every year the company
entertains a lot of the V.I.P groups from China which include all
ranks of state officials as high as the minister. For this event
the company developed a very efficient system to accomplish such
a great production.
In order to accommodate for the company's rapid expansion, it set up
several branch offices in Beijing, Chengdu, and Shenzhen, China; and
in Santiago, Chile.
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