ChenLand Nutritionals Inc.

Managing Director for North American

Sherry Guo

Chenland Nutritionals, Inc.
Work with the world's top nutrition experts for innovative research collaboration. We conducted in vitro and in vivo clinical studies of the herbal and marine formulations to validate their efficacies, which have been recorded in the Traditional Chinese Medicine History. And we only select herbs from Authentic Medicinal Material Cultivation Area with full traceability from Seed to Extract.
Our global headquarter is located in CBD Irvine, Los Angeles. We have three scientific research bases in San Diego, New York and China, which can carry out new drug preclinical researches and safety studies to help us and our clients solve the problems in product development and practical applications. We also have ingredients manufacturing and preparation production bases in both of Los Angeles and China. The ingredients manufacturing base provides safe and effective natural nutritional ingredients for global finished food, beverage and dietary supplement products. Also, the preparation production base offers mature and stable OEM/ODM services for formula solutions and nutritional preparations.
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