Pacific Wealth Solutions

Founder / CEO

Nelson Lee

Pacific Wealth Solutions is an InsurTech company located in Irvine, California. We implement technologies to analyze insurance investment, automate underwriting process using big-data and quantitative mathematics, and deliver exceptional experience to life insurance customers with our professional multi-lingual team members.
Our mission is to provide a data-driven, transparent and pain-free process to purchase life insurance regardless where you are from.
Our team specializes in data analytics, underwriting wealthy global citizens and jumbo cases, and utilize insurance technology to enhance customer experience with a niche in the international market space.

PWS is a financial technology company, providing technology innovations in the areas of:
- Complex Big-Data analysis of structured financial products using Python-oriented algorithms.
- Automated Underwriting of Risk over secured cloud-servers.
- Mathematic Modeling & Stress Testing of economic scenarios
- User Interface Design (UI) to apply for and purchase financial products online.
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