Chinese CEO Organization Contributes

to Chinas Snowstorm Relief Efforts



In response to the past two weeks devastating snowstorm in China,        

Chinese CEO Organization has committed to donating a minimum of

US$10,000.00 to help Chinas snowstorm relief efforts. Among the

major donors are:

Dr. Richard Lee ($1,000.00),

David Liu and Lisa Zhou ($1,000.00),

Sherry Wang and Cheng Lu ($1,000.00),

Jay Liang ($1,000.00) and

Tony Chen & Weining Yang($1,000.00).


The Chinese CEO Organization will hold a fundraising auction at their

2008 Chinese New Year Gala on Saturday, February 16th at the San Gabriel

Hilton Hotel in an effort to raise more money for the relief. A $10,000 check

will be delivered to the Consulate General of PRC in LA next week.


Over the past ten years, the Chinese CEO Organization has been an active

sponsor of many relief events, supporting charity programs in China and

other developing countries.